About Us

Health is of utmost importance, and food is the best medicine.


HempE is committed to enriching community health and prosperity by providing value through education, advocacy and service in the hemp industry.


We strive to restore confidence in nature, cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation for Industrial Hemp and it’s multitude of uses.

Hemp is a complete meal on it's own: higher in Protein than any meat, a good source of Fiber, and many Essential Fatty Acids (including the Omega's).

Many people are unaware that our bodies contain several Cannabinoid Receptors, and Cannabis is the only plant that contains the Cannabinoids we need. CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in our cells, and each Cannabinoid provides it's own array of health benefits. 


Hello, my name is Cyndal Johnston. I have forever felt the need to help people; and, in 2015 I found a way! HempE (Hemp Enthusiast) started after hemp changed my life. I’ve had joint pain in my jaw for 8 years, caused by grinding my teeth so badly due to anxiety. I actually only have half of my jaw joint left on the right side of my face, which was painful 24/7. The dentists’ “solution” was to break my jaw, wire it shut, feed me through a straw for two years, $10,000 please. I started taking Hemp Seed Oil Capsules and 3 days later, no pain. My anxiety has decreased, and I now rarely grind my teeth.

I wasn’t happy just knowing I had no pain, I needed to understand why! The more I researched hemp, the more inspired I became. I learned that a) hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory; b) hemp contains many Essential Fatty Acids, which our bodies need; and c) is the most interesting - I learned that we have Cannabinoid Receptors in the cells of our bodies, mostly in our brain, and an Endocannabinoid system that actually makes Cannabinoids. I learned about the many Cannabinoids that scientists have named and linked to be good for different things. I also discovered that the versatility of the hemp plant extends far beyond food, nutritional supplements and body care products. Other uses include paper products, textiles, plastics, construction, livestock feed and bedding, medicines, and fuel. Being an environmentalist, I quickly became enthusiastic about hemp. I had no idea! How many people aren’t aware of this, I wondered. This is my calling, I am going to educate and help other people! Timing couldn’t have been better, I was on maternity leave with my 6-month old, seeking an opportunity to work from home. Nothing I’d come up with previously felt meaningful. I have always enjoy learning and teaching others.

Coincidentally, this suited my (forgotten) interest in health and fitness. The connections I’ve made in business re-inspired this, so I’m now striving for a healthier family. I recently became a Thrive Life Consultant, with a vision to help families eat great foods - quickly and conveniently. I am creating recipes that combine both HempE and Thrive Life products, and have intentions of starting an online cooking channel.