Infused Hemp Seed Oil 10ml

Infused Hemp Seed Oil - a naturally healthy option for use in e-Atomizers or Diffusers.

Stress has been very effectively relieved with the use of essential oils. The therapy of aromas (aromatherapy) is especially useful via inhalation and diffusion. The tiny molecules of healing plants are captured in their oils. When we inhale natures precious oils, those molecules are able to enter our bloodstream through the membrane tissues in our mouth and lungs. Some of the healing compounds cross the blood-brain barrier. Once they've entered our bloodstream, our brain provides that support to whatever systems are out of balance. Ingesting in this way provides virtually immediate benefits, as there is no digestion required. 

Whether you are on your way to quitting smoking, or have never relied on nicotine a day in your life, you can now enjoy the holistic benefits of Hemp Seed Oil and the Essential Oil of your choice in the form of vapor. Suitable for all ages, simply load an e-atomizer with Infused Hemp Seed Oil and enjoy. Refreshing and tasty, your mouth will pleasantly experience feeding your body the health benefits of Hemp Seed Oil. This experience is rather like inhaling from a diffuser, only now through the mouth piece of an e-atomizer. 

There is NO THC, nicotine or harmful chemicals contained in our oil.

Bottle contains 10 mL
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