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Citronella Spray and Sun Screen
Hemp Sun Block and Nature Spray (233)

Hemp-YZZ Harmony Citronella Nature Spray

The NATURAL way to be out in nature peacefully. With the Skin-Soothing properties of 100% pure Hemp Seed Oil, the protective properties of Zinc Oxide and Aloe Vera, the cooling properties of Peppermint and the active properties of Witch Hazel, Cedarwood, and others, our Hemp-YZZ will make sure you live in Harmony with Nature. The essential oils will penetrate your skin with the help of the Hemp Seed Oil, and will be used for good and then completely eliminated naturally if not needed.  Your body is a temple.  Cool it - Protect it - Energize it ...  Hemp-YZZ A little Hemp Help for Nature to respect it ...

Hemp-BLOCK Sunscreen Lotion

Creamy & luxurious, Hemp-BLOCK sunscreen lotion not only strengthens the skin's natural moisture barrier, but it nourishes and softens even the driest skin to restore beauty & radiance.  With Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient in the formultion to represent a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) *like 30, you can feel safe in sunlight.  Comes in a 125 ml bottle with a mild and pleasant natural coconut fragrance from real coconut extract.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Water, Pola Wax, Silk Peptides, Micronized Zinc Oxide, Coconut Extract, Vitamin E, Polysorbate 80, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Germall Plus

*This product is in testing by Health Canada and so we state that the formulation gives an SPF rating LIKE 30.
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Sun Block Hemp Cream
Hemp-BLOCK Sunscreen Lotion (145)

Creamy and luxurious, this sunscreen not only strengthens the skin's natural moisture barrier, but it nourishes and softens even the driest skin, restoring beauty and radiance. Moisturize your skin and feel safe in the sunlight. Experience a sense of paradise with the mild and pleasant aroma of real coconut extract. Absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue. We recommend applying both before and after sun exposure, as shea butter promotes circulation, allowing your skin to regenerate and heal. 

Zinc Oxide is a natural ingredient that protects our skin from the sun, representing a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) *like 30 in this cream. *This product has not been tested by Health Canada and so we state that the formulation gives an SPF rating LIKE 30.

Never ever tested on animals.

Bottle contains 125mL/4 oz. 

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Hemp Oil Capsules and Hand Cream
Moisturizing Capsules and Vitality Skin Cream (250)
OKANAGAN GREEN Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules
Each Bottle Contains 700 mg | 50 Capsules
100% Canadian, Gel Capsules.

Plant Based Oil: Hemp With Its Increasing Interest, Why?  Hempseed oil has a very interesting polyunsaturated fatty acid composition, Fernández-Arche told Reuters Health in an e-mail, because it has an optimal omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of about 3 to 1. Her main area of research is natural products and the bio-active compounds they contain. The researchers examined the fatty acid profile of hempseed oil and found that polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) made up about 75% of the oil. PUFAs include omega-6 and omega-3, the fatty acids found in some meats as well as flax and fish oils.
Hemp oil the popularity growth is obvious. Rich, nutty and delicate in flavour, this oil contains the only naturally-occurring and perfectly balanced nutritional balance of Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 6 and Omega 3.

Vitamin E Cream Vitality
This rich, luxurious cream provides soothing moisture and the natural healing of hemp and aloe for all skin-types. Aloe Vera is combined with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Ester C and Green Tea extract to penetrate the skin and improve it’s appearance.

Use as part of your daily hemp routine.
Oils , seeds , flour , protein powder and infused products are all options !
Beautifully moisturized healthy skin with omegas from hemp oil.
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